Jacksonville Real Estate Law Lawyer


Although many people never give real estate law much thought, it is a practice area that directly or indirectly affects most of us every day. Whether you are a homeowner, renter, landlord, seller, or are in the market to purchase property for development or other purpose, the myriad laws, rules and regulations pertaining to real estate law have a direct effect on your life.

Securing An Attorney During Property Sales And Purchases

Whether you or your business requires representation in matters of real estate litigation, arbitration or transactions, the team of attorneys at Slott, Barker & Nussbaum possesses the knowledge and experience to efficiently resolve your case.

For decades, attorney William Nussbaum has provided clients with skilled counsel in a wide range of real estate law matters. Furthermore, our entire team of attorneys is well-versed in handling issues of real estate transactions and litigation.

Our attorneys are prepared to assist with matters that include, but are not limited to:

  • Real property transactions of all types
  • Real property litigation — including vendor-purchaser disputes
  • Condominium owners and homeowners association disputes
  • Foreclosures and other mortgage issues
  • Landlord/tenant disputes and commercial evictions
  • Title insurance matters
  • Suits to quiet title
  • Boundary disputes

A Florida Law Firm Promoting Professionalism And Integrity In Matters Of Real Estate Law

There are numerous factors that can affect property transactions and other real estate matters — ranging from zoning and environmental laws to rules affecting the use of property in residential communities. By contacting the lawyers at Slott, Barker & Nussbaum, you stand to benefit from our tested methods and wealth of experience.

To learn about renters' rights, foreclosure and a host of other real estate-related issues, contact our Jacksonville real estate law attorneys by calling 904-353-0033 to arrange an initial consultation.