Jacksonville Wills Attorney

For many people, making final arrangements or planning for one's later years is a difficult topic to address. While it may be uncomfortable to discuss issues related to death or disability, these matters are important and should be handled with the guidance of a knowledgeable attorney.

Creating A Will

It may seem that drafting a will is a simple task that can be accomplished at any time. However, there are numerous factors that many people overlook when writing out a will that can have serious and far-reaching consequences:

A Will Permits You To:

  • Designate who is to receive your assets following your death; including the ability to designate a beneficiary who might not be a normal heir.
  • Say who should be appointed guardian of any minor children you may have and who is to control any money they may receive.
  • Create special trusts for minor children, handicapped individuals or those otherwise receiving government benefits.
  • Name your Personal Representative, the person in charge of handling your probate.
  • Grant powers to your Personal Representative not otherwise granted by law.

The list above is only a brief synopsis of the many factors that need to be considered when drafting a will or engaging in estate planning. To ensure that you account for all necessary factors, arrange to speak with one of our attorneys at Slott, Barker & Nussbaum.

Empowering Florida Clients As They Consider Final Arrangements

There are numerous benefits to constructing a valid will and testament. From giving you peace of mind knowing your final wishes will be met, to minimizing the burden on your loved ones after your passing, working with our attorneys to draft a will can help to avoid legal challenges in the future.

Whether drafting a simple will or a living will, contact our Jacksonville wills lawyers to receive legal advice during estate planning. Call us today by dialing 904-353-0033.