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Estate planning is one of the most important things a person can do when considering the future well-being of family and loved ones. Many individuals choose to draft a will as part of their estate plan to ensure their assets are properly distributed in the event of death or disability. Many people, however, fail to construct a valid estate plan before it's too late.

At Slott, Barker & Nussbaum, we are attorneys devoted to helping individuals and families who feel lost and confused by the death of a loved one who left no estate plan or will and testament.

During Times Of Loss, Our Lawyers Can Help

Probate is the court-supervised process of distributing and overseeing property after an individual dies. While the purpose of the probate process is to determine the final wishes of the deceased while paying debts and distributing property, it can be a long and arduous series of events for family and loved ones.

Some of the following circumstances may come into play during probate processes:

  • Identification, valuation and inventory of property
  • Naming of heirs and beneficiaries
  • Payment or settlement of debts and taxes
  • If a valid will exists, authentication of the document
  • Distribution of property according to a will or according to Florida law
  • Appointment of an administrator and the determination of the executor for estate administration

As you and your family begin to address the various issues associated with estate administration and the probate process, our lawyers will work closely with you to ensure that you are treated fairly and that the final wishes of the deceased are upheld.

A Firm Providing Compassionate Representation Throughout The Probate Process

Although making final arrangements may seem like a task that can wait, the future is unpredictable and it is wise to take precautions. Constructing a valid estate plan is one method of ensuring your family is protected after your passing.

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