Florida Eminent Domain Law


Your home or other real property is likely your most valuable asset. It is something you take pride in, protect and want to preserve. However, there are circumstances that may arise where a government entity will exercise its power of eminent domain to take your property for public use.

At Slott, Barker & Nussbaum, we assist clients by representing them when governments seek property condemnation, and seeking full compensation on their behalf. Arnold H. Slott is a certified mediator.

Understanding Your Property Owner Rights In Jacksonville, Florida

While there are numerous reasons the government may justify taking personal property, there are a few common motivations that our lawyers assist with when they come into play:

  • Property that is deemed a risk — Real property that is deemed a risk to public health or safety may prompt a local government to invoke the authority to condemn the land and any structures on the property.
  • "Dedication" of land — In some instances, property is appropriated by a local government for public use.

Secure Legal Protection In Matters Of Eminent Domain Law

To learn your property rights, speak with our experienced Florida eminent domain law attorneys. While not all property can be condemned or appropriated for any purpose, you stand to benefit from the knowledge and proven methods of our lawyers as they help you understand and defend your rights.

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